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Chamber music society of the Mid-Willamette Valley

Noah Seitz and Friends

2:30 PM, Sunday, May 21


  • Adam LaMotte, violin
  • Lisa Fujita, violin
  • Jason Fisher, viola
  • Noah Seitz, cello


  • Lullaby — George Gershwin
  • Quartet Op. 18 no. 3 — Beethoven
  • American" Quartet — Antonin Dvorak
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This is the last concert of the current season. Adam LaMotte and Noah Seitz have performed for us several times; we know what exciting musicians they are! This is the first time they have appeared together in one of our concerts. Lisa Fujita and Jason Fisher have played together in the chamber orchestra A Far Cry in Boston. Jason, who grew up in Seattle, now spends time in both Boston and Portland, where he has played with the famed Portland Baroque Orchestra. Lisa teaches in Portland, and has developed a series of community engagement programs. She also works at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital

The program opens with the charming Lullaby by George Gershwin; Gershwin wrote it as a young man, used the theme in another piece, then put it in a box where it was rediscovered decades after Gershwin's death and finally published in 1962! We will then hear the Quartet Op. 18 no. 3 of Beethoven; this is one of his early quartets, which revolutionized the string quartet art form, and indeed, the whole course of music! The program -- and our season! -- conclude with the fun-loving "American" Quartet by Antonin Dvorak. This Quartet was written while Dvorak spent the summer with the Czech community in Spillville, Iowa, but it owes much more to the folk music of his homeland than to any American influences.